TWSBI Micarta Eyedropper Experiment


I’m fascinated with converting pens to eyedroppers. It can possibly be a messy affair if it fails, but when it succeeds, it could mean a pen with a really large amount of ink and good ink flow. Also, I’m a little bothered by the fact that the TWSBI Micarta’s converter doesn’t latch on too securely because the slot for it is a tad too shallow. I looked online and some people have attempted to convert their TWSBI Micartas into eyedroppers and have had mixed experiences. Some encountered leaks, some didn’t. I’m worried about the ink seeping into the barrel’s material and softening it or causing cracks, but so far I haven’t read about that happening to users who converted their Micartas yet. Either nobody encountered cracks or nobody wrote about it.


So, I guess the next best thing to asking around is finding out myself. The worst thing that can happen after a few days is I get serious ink stains. The best thing is I get a seriously good eyedropper pen. I will check the pen everyday to see if it changes colors or show signs that it’s moist on the outside. I applied silicone grease to the section threads and the nib unit thread where the o-ring is. I put a little over 4ml of Diamine Macassar (which, btw is a great ink pairing for the Micarta).

Now I wait. I will post updates on this page as necessary.

Day 1 (2/28/2015)
Converted the pen to an eyedropper. So far, no adverse effects yet after a few hours. The feed is not drowning in ink and the pen is writing beautifully wet. No leaks around the collar or section.

Update: I woke up this morning to awful stains in the cap. Seems like the section stayed dry but but ink bled out of the collar. Perhaps I didn’t apply enough silicone grease? I’ll try it one last time and if it still leaks, I’m calling this experiment a resounding failure.

Day 2 (2/29/2015)
At the end of this day, the leaks still persisted, and the cap always felt moist. I think the ink is seeping through the material. It wasn’t made to be an eyedropper, so perhaps the interior of the barrel and the section wasn’t sealed to be waterproof.

Conclusion: Converting a TWSBI Micarta to an eyedropper…not a good idea. Haha. I’m leaving this up for people who are thinking of trying this experiment too.

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