Review: Robert Oster Blue Denim

Robert Oster Blue Denim

The wonderful people at Everything Calligraphy sent over a few samples of Robert Oster Signature inks, and I’m eager to try them all out! It’s very noticeable that Robert Oster make beautiful blue inks, so vibrant that the color jumps out at you from the paper. I was expecting a “Blue Denim” ink to be more on the blue black side, but this is a brilliant blue, much like turquoise. It’s a beach-y color that looks so happy, you can’t help but smile when you look at it. It’s also nicely saturated, so it’s not difficult to read. It looks like a great standard ink for daily use. In person, it has pronounced shading.Here’s what it looks like in my Elias pen and ink journal:

Robert Oster Blue Denim

There’s a slight red sheen on it, not too pronounced, but if you use a wet nib you can see the halo around some parts of the letters. I love ink with subtle sheen like this. It makes your strokes on paper look more like painted-on letters. The contrast between light  blue, dark blue, and red sheen on this ink is just beautiful.

I would put the flow at a medium to wet. It’s not extremely wet, but it does take a little over 20 seconds to dry on Tomoe River paper, using a medium nib. There’s very little water resistance here, a few seconds after letting the water droplets sit on paper, it all but washed away most of the ink. Leaving a very pale blue outline. It makes for nice pen and wash drawings, though.

Here are a few close ups of the writing samples:

Robert Oster Blue Denim

Robert Oster Blue Denim

Robert Oster Blue Denim

Robert Oster Blue Denim

Robert Oster Blue Denim

Robert Oster Blue Denim

I love that even after sitting a few days, the ink doesn’t look dull after it dries. It remains vibrant on paper, close to how vibrant it was after writing. I used to dislike blue inks, but after trying a few that are interesting to look at, I’ve become a fan of the color. Robert Oster’s blue inks is a great place to start if you’re looking for interesting, great-flowing blues.

Robert Oster inks are available at Everything Calligraphy.


One thought on “Review: Robert Oster Blue Denim

  1. Heide says:

    Thank you — as always — for your wonderful reviews. If you keep this up you may yet make me a fan of blues, too. 🙂


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