Review: Robert Oster Dark Chocolate

Robert Oster Dark Chocolate

Now that Fountain Pen Day is officially over (kudos to the staff of SM Aura and volunteers from Fountain Pen Network Philippines for such a wonderful event), I can resume my regular programming. ^_^ Here’s another interesting Robert Oster ink. This one is Dark Chocolate, and it’s such a rich, velvety ink. It’s a purplish brown color, which reminded me of Waterman Havana Brown.

So far, all the Robert Oster inks that I’ve tried are so nice to use in pens. They flow so well and have very vibrant colors. They’re all very interesting. This one is something you can probably use even for work documents, when black and blue inks become a tad boring. It’s nicely saturated and it has such nice shading. It’s not light brown at all, it’s a deep, dark brown. In finer nibs or dry writers, the purplish undertone becomes more apparent.

Like the other Robert Oster inks that I tried, this is so well-behaved. No feathering, it doesn’t feel overly wet. It dries up in about 10 seconds, which is relatively fast, even when used with a medium nib. It’s not waterproof or water resistant, though. Here are a few close up shots of the writing sample:

Robert Oster Dark Chocolate

Robert Oster Dark Chocolate

Robert Oster Dark Chocolate

Robert Oster Dark Chocolate

Robert Oster Dark Chocolate

The pen I used was a Kaweco Sport with a medium nib. The paper is white Tomoe River.

Overall, it’s a delightful ink. So far my experience with Robert Oster inks has been pretty awesome. Again, thanks to Everything Calligraphy (the local distributor of Robert Oster inks in the Philippines) for the samples.


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