Review: Robert Oster Jade

Here’s another Robert Oster Signature Ink that I’ve been using these past few days, thanks to samples sent by Everything Calligraphy. It’s such a pleasant surprise because It’s a very nice, eye-catching shade of green. Robert Oster Jade is exactly how I want a jade-colored ink to be. It’s a  brilliant, vibrant, jade green with expressive shading that mimics the complexity and depth of jade stone.

Robert Oster Jade

My first impression of this ink is that it’s so, so gorgeous. I noticed that it gets a bit darker after it’s had a bit of time to dry, though. Even while it’s wet, it looks like a brilliant shade of green.

Robert Oster Jade

If you look at the swab samples, you’ll see that the lightest part of the swab is a pretty shade of light yellow-green, though not too light as to make it unreadable or difficult to read. Like the other Robert Oster inks that I tried, I like how this ink looks really vibrant on the page, and how it flows really well without misbehaving. It flows good without getting all bleed-y on paper. This is a moderate flow, and it dries relatively fast. Around 10-15 seconds on Tomoe River paper with a wet, medium nib. It’s not very water-resistant, though. I think I’ll need a full bottle of this color. I’d love to see more of this in my journal. Here are a few more close ups of the writing samples:

Robert Oster Jade

Robert Oster Jade

Robert Oster Jade

Robert Oster Jade

Robert Oster Jade

Overall, it’s a very interesting color. It flows very nicely, and it’s a pleasure to use. I tried it in my fine-nibbed Sheaffer Tuckaway and it just flowed so beautifully. I love it a lot.

Robert Oster inks are available at Everything Calligraphy.


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