Review: Robert Oster Signature Ink – Khaki

Robert Oster

I received a few ink samples of Robert Oster Signature Inks from Everything Calligraphy to review several days ago, and of course I made a bee line for the first green ink that caught my eye–Khaki.

Robert Oster - Khaki

I’m very excited to try this brand of ink because I’ve never tried this before. I inked up my Parker 75 and was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the ink looked on paper. At first glance, it looks a little similar to Diamine Safari, except that it’s a bit more golden, or it has more hints of yellow. It straddles the line comfortably between green and brown, and I love the rich, earthiness of the color. It washes quite well too, if you’re thinking of using the ink for that application. It has some shading, though it’s not what I’d call overly expressive. I really like that it flows so well without bleeding through or feathering.

It’s a very well-behaved ink, and I’d put the flow to a moderate to wet. Even when I used it with a fine nib, it just glides on paper. It’s so much fun to use. It dries relatively fast too, between 5-10 seconds in a fine nib on tomoe river paper. It’s not very water-resistant, though. Here are a few close ups of the writing sample.

Robert Oster - Khaki

Robert Oster - Khaki

Robert Oster - Khaki

Robert Oster - Khaki

Robert Oster - Khaki

Robert Oster - Khaki

Robert Oster - Khaki

Overall, I love the color. Not exactly something you can use for work, but it’s nicely saturated enough for everyday writing. I’ve written a few journal entries with my sample, and I’m really enjoying how it pairs so well with cream-colored paper. It’s just so beautiful!

Robert Oster Signature inks are exclusively available at Everything Calligraphy.


4 thoughts on “Review: Robert Oster Signature Ink – Khaki

  1. Kathy D. says:

    Hi Doodler,

    I love olive-y or yellowy greens, and I haven’t heard of this ink before, so a huge thanks for this review! (And, Tomoe River is my hands-down favorite paper, so I’m especially happy with the drying times you saw).

    If you’re feeling generous with your time, and still have these inks, it would be hugely helpful to see a comparison to the green inks you reviewed last year, in this excellent review:


  2. Jaz says:

    Another nice review Pao. Thank you.
    Looking forward to more of your reviews on R.Oster inks i.e. Melon Tea, Deep Sea, Blue Sea……


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