Review: J. Herbin Rouille de Encre

J. Herbin Rouille de Encre

I don’t usually try pale-colored inks but once in a while I do enjoy them too. Here’s a sample that I got from Everything Calligraphy, J. Herbin Rouille de Encre. The name means “rusted anchor” but I’m not sure that’s appropriate for the color. It reminds me more of flower petals. The color is a nice soft color that’s like a cross between peach and pink. It has this chalky, pastel-like appearance that makes it look so inviting on paper.

I don’t think it’s something I can use for everyday writing (like at work), but it would look great in personal letters. Also works great in notes as a contrast to other complementing colors. I can think of a number of great creative applications for it. It’s saturated just enough to be readable and it has some beautiful shading. It dries up at an average of 15 seconds, and the flow is dry to moderate.

As you can see in the photo below, it’s not water resistant at all. It’s a very delicate-looking ink. I would suggest using it with a wet-writing nib, preferably medium/broad/stub.

J. Herbin Rouille de Encre

While it may not be something you can use for everyday applications, it’s pretty darn cute. Here are a few closeups of the writing sample below:

J. Herbin Rouille de Encre

J. Herbin Rouille de Encre

J. Herbin Rouille de Encre

J. Herbin Rouille de Encre


2 thoughts on “Review: J. Herbin Rouille de Encre

  1. Julie Paradise says:

    Wow, this is magic! Before seeing your review, esp. the first photo, I would have sworn this is the ugliest ink ever, ever, ever. But you made it look nice. Delicate. I am irritated. 😉

    So I will give my bottle of R.d.A. another try in another pen instead of just using it to tame down Pelikan 4001 Turquoise to reach a teal-grey shade (btw. no clogging or weird reaction yet after ca. 3 months).

    Thank you for the review!


    • Pao says:

      Haha, I surprise myself sometimes. I don’t really like “happy” colors in general. I often opt for dark blue, dark green, dark brown…black. But sometimes certain colors can just change your mind about things. 🙂 If you look at my journals several years ago and compare it to my journals now, they’re so different. Anyway, I tried this ink with a stub nib and I liked it even more. 🙂


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