Review: Nemosine Neutrino


I’ve heard a lot about Nemosine pens but I must admit they weren’t in my radar at all. I wasn’t very curious about them. Once in a while they would pop up in the forums and in posts on FPN-P’s Facebook group, but overall I didn’t really take notice of them. Everything Calligraphy sent me a few units to test out for this review, and I finally got to see what these pens look like in person.

My attention was immediately drawn to the Neutrinos. These torpedo-shaped pens are cute and tight in the hand. The form factor kinda reminds me of Pilot Metropolitans. Too bad I don’t have a unit anymore to compare it with, but I think they’re pretty close in size with each other. The pen also has a metallic body, which gives it some weight.


(Top) Black, (Bottom) Gunmetal

I bought the gunmetal colored pen because it’s the most striking, for me, among the other colors that I saw in person. I like that the color is a bit hard to describe. I wouldn’t really call it gunmetal grey because it’s more brownish in color than greyish.


The red one looks pretty nice too. I like that the pen is pretty hefty even if it is small. This little torpedo sits very nicely in my hand. Here’s a size comparison with a capped Lamy Studio below.


It is much shorter when uncapped. People with large hands might find it too small. I find it just the right size for me, though.


The section is smooth and metallic. Since it’s a small pen, the section is also proportionate to the size, but I like that they maximized the use of space. I think they made the section as long as they could, to make it more pleasant to hold while writing. It uses cartridges/converter, and comes with extra cartridges of ink. I’m glad that despite the size and the tapering ends, it still uses a standard converter. This pen has a simple profile, which is what I really love about it.

Here are a few details and close up shots of the writing sample:

Perhaps if I can change one thing about the design of this pen, I would make the chrome ring around the threads of the section much, much thinner. The design is already beautiful in its simplicity, the wide band kind of ruined it a little for me. Not exactly a deal breaker, though. The pen’s weight makes it comfortable in the hand without being too heavy that it’s tiring to use for long writing. The pen doesn’t post, though. If you’re particular about that, it’s something you might want to note. It doesn’t bother me, though, because I never post my pens.

The nib that I picked is a 1.1mm stub. I didn’t need to tune it, it wrote well right out of the box. I would put the flow at a moderate to wet. The nib of the Neutrino is much smaller than the Singularity and Fission. It’s really super cute. Here’s a video of a writing sample (sorry about the barking in the background, my dog’s an emotional wreck):

Here is a comparison of the different nib widths, and a writing sample of a Lamy medium nib for reference.


Overall, I really like this pen. I think it’s really cute. I like the color, the comfortable section, the weight, and the nib writes okay (you can make it even better with a little tuning). The price is also very decent. I think that it’s great value for money.

Nemosine Neutrinos can be purchased online at Everything Calligraphy.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Everything Calligraphy. This is NOT a paid blog post. I DON’T do paid reviews. I am, however, a very happy customer. ^_^

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