Review: Baoer 8 Horses


Of all the pens from Everything Calligraphy that I tried out last week, this model is my favorite. I bought one for my personal use because I liked it so much. This is the Baoer 8 Horses pen. I like how simple the design is, from the clip to the barrel. The cap pulls off the barrel with a soft “snap”. The pen is light and comfortable to hold, whether posted or unposted.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like both colors a lot, it’s hard to pick which one I like better. I like the design of their barrel, I like that their trims are really simple and streamlined. Even the cap design is simple, though the clip is a bit stiff (I think it’s more decorative than functional). The body looks like it will make the pen heavy, but surprisingly enough, it doesn’t. It takes a firm tug to pull out the cap of the pewter-colored pen, but I won’t say that it’s hard to pull open. Overall, I think it looks pretty nice.


I would prefer the section to be made of smooth plastic rather than have little lines running through it, though. Other than that, I wouldn’t really change anything else with the pen’s design.


The pair looks pretty neat together. 🙂 Here are a few close up shots of the barrel:


What I loved most about the pen was when I tried them out and wrote with them. The nib is actually not hard as a nail. It has some spring to it, and the flow is so nice. The gold one wrote perfectly out of the packaging. The pewter one wrote well but the flow could be increased a bit more so it writes better (or it could be the ink that I used with it, which was pretty dry to begin with, and largely unused since last year). Here is a writing sample:


The flow is pretty generous, I am so happy with it. There really is a difference when the nib has a bit of springiness to it. Personally, it makes writing more pleasurable and comfortable. Here is a video of the writing sample:

Overall, I’d say this is such a good buy. At less than P500, the pen I picked didn’t need any tuning or smoothing, I just inked it and it wrote and I’ve been writing with it ever since I got it. I love the design and the weight is so comfortable in the hand. People like me who have an inner ear issue tend to be sensitive with holding heavy things for longer than a few seconds. It prevents me from using heavy pens for a long writing period, otherwise it would trigger a bad bout of vertigo. So yeah, I love pens that are light, but not so light that I can’t feel them well in my hand while I write. I’d say this pen is really, really comfortable to use for long writing periods. It also lays down ink consistently. I can write several pages and the feed just keeps up and makes the thickness of the ink quite uniform across pages.

Of course, the nib quality may be varied and, as always, I would advise people to learn how to fiddle with your own pen’s nib so that you can increase the flow or smooth it out and make it write how you want it to write.

It’s a great buy, I highly recommend it for people who are looking for a nice-looking budget pen that writes well.

Baoer 8 Horses is available at Everything Calligraphy.


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