Review: Jinhao 8802


Here’s another Jinhao pen that our friends from Everything Calligraphy sent for me to try out last week. Wood pens are my kryptonite (along with nice paper, green ink, cats, and cheese). So I really enjoyed trying this pen out. It’s slimmer than the last couple of Jinhao pens that I reviewed these past days. I like the design because it’s low-key and pretty to look at.


I like wood pens because they just feel so organic. This even has a slightly rough texture to the barrel. I like the slim profile, the simple trims, and the long, comfortable section. Here are a few close ups of the details of this pen.

The 8802 has several designs. The wood pens have two colors, one is lighter than the other. I’m kinda leaning more towards the lighter one. The other has a reddish color to it, it looks more polished too.


There’s also a carbon fiber and stained glass design. The stained glass has abalone shells, which is why some members of the FPN-P group call it the talaba pen, but it’s a lot smaller than the real talaba pen (Jinhao 650).


The details are pretty nice. I like it when Jinhao comes up with pens that have simple trims and a more streamlined look. That’s just my design preference. I like pens that look as simple as possible. Here’s a comparison of the 8802’s stained glass pen with the much larger Jinhao 650.


The size difference is pretty significant. The 8802 sits nicely in the hand, and the weight is pretty comfortable. I still prefer it uncapped because the cap just throws the balance off, making it top heavy.


The pen that I got had a pretty decent, wet flow, although the nib could use some smoothing out. As I mentioned before, the thing about Jinhao nibs is that you should be prepared to do a bit of tuning on them sometimes. The quality is a bit varied. I haven’t updated this resource for a while, but here’s a guide on how to improve ink flow on fountain pens. There are also tons of guides on the internet about the topic. With the price of Jinhao pens, though, you get a good bargain if you’re not afraid to tinker with it a bit.

Overall, a pretty nice pen. I like the wood ones a lot, looks and feels very natural. šŸ™‚

Jinhao pens are available at Everything Calligraphy.

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