Review: Jinhao X750


Here’s another entry-level pen that I tried courtesy of Everything Calligraphy. It’s the Jinhao X750, and it’s at the same price point as the X450. The Jinhao X750 is another nice, simple, affordable, entry-level pen.


Silver and Matte Black

This pen also has a cigar or torpedo shape, except it doesn’t taper much on both ends. It’s almost cylindrical in shape. The ends of the barrel and the cap are dome-shaped and less pointy than the x450, so I think it looks a bit more low-key.


Two of my favorite designs. Black and Silver Checkered and Black Constellation.

I don’t think the pen was designed to be posted, and like the x450, posting the x750 makes it top-heavy. It would definitely be better-balanced when used unposted. The section of the pen is made of hard rubber and has no ridges on it. It’s smooth without being slippery. I like that this makes the pen easier to grip, and it’s a plus for those who prefer not to use pens with tripod grips like the x450.

As far as the nib goes, it appears to be the same nib as the x450. The one I got wrote a little bit dryer by comparison (then again, I like my pens to write wetter than they usually do, hence I tune them to fit my preference). That being said, it’s always good to know how to tune your own pens’ nibs. Here a few basic tips to help you with increasing the ink flow on your nib.


I noticed that this line features more metallic-looking, subdued colors. It’s a good entry-level pen too, and like the x750, some fountain pen users have hacked it into a flex pen using a Zebra nib. Just a reminder before you try this–fiddling with your pen’s nib and feed may break your pen, so fiddle away at your own risk.

Overall, I think the Jinhao X750 would also make a good first pen for those who just want to get their feet wet with this hobby. It’s a very affordable pen that enables you to enjoy the benefits of using a fountain pen without paying too much. It looks pretty good too. 🙂

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