Ink Swab: Pilot Iroshizuku Shin Ryoku Review


I’ve had this ink for a while but I got so many new inks afterwards that I forgot to upload my review for it. Well, today’s as good a time as any. This ink was a gift from my husband a few months ago. Since I love green inks, he thought I’d like this too. It’s hard not to like these Iroshizuku inks. I’ve yet to meet an Iro ink that did not perform great in pens.


I used this ink with my Faber Castell Emotion (medium nib). At first I didn’t want to put brown pen and green ink together, but Shin-Ryoku has this natural vibe to it. Using it with a wood pen didn’t feel incongruous. Shin-Ryoku means “Forest Green”, by the way. How apt.


Like with all the Iroshizuku inks that I’ve tried before, this one flows so well. it feels like writing with silk. This ink is more expensive than others, but I can say it’s totally worth it. This one’s no exception. It flows so well, and at first glance the ink looks like what you would expect of a “forest green”, but then there are subtle things about it that makes it even more beautiful.


On to the technical little nitty-gritty first. The ink dries moderately fast (between 10-15 seconds, depending on nib grade and paper). It’s not prone to nib creep as far as I can tell. The flow is moderate to medium, it actually feels like lubricated ink.


It’s not waterproof or water resistant by any stretch, but it does leave behind a bluish outline. Not dark enough to be too noticeable though (see the photo below).


In certain kinds of paper and under certain kinds of lighting, it shows tinges of red in the shading. It does show some shading, but I wouldn’t call it expressively shade-y. Here are a few close ups of the writing sample:



Overall, it’s a nice, vibrant green that is nicely saturated. I prefer expressively shade-y inks, but this one’s pretty nice too. The red undertone gives it a subtly distinct character.

The great news for people living in the Philippines is that Iroshizuku inks are now available through Everything Calligraphy (nationwide shipping is available). There was a time when the only way to get this ink is through a balikbayan or through international shipping. It’s amazing how times have changed. 🙂


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