Review: Kokuyo Campus Notebook


I was looking through a nearby Japanese surplus store in our neighborhood when I saw this notebook along with other piles of notebooks stacked in a corner. I have this habit of buying notebooks even when I don’t need them because…well, who knows when you might need them, right? So I bought one and, fast forward to a few days later, I went back to buy the rest of their stock.


Kokuyo Campus Notebook looks like something I would have enjoyed back in college. It’s a simple notebook. The cover isn’t very impressive. It looks like something you’d take to school with you (or where you’d scribble down mad ideas and formulas). Definitely not a looker. Also, it’s P40 (a bit less than $1).

For the price of Php40, I was so surprised that the paper was excellent. It was smooth but has some texture to it. It shows the shading of the ink well. There’s also minimal show through and absolutely no bleed through even when I used my 1.5mm nib on it. Here are a few close ups of the writing sample:

PA017385 PA017386

I’d say that’s pretty nice. The per is nicer than some of the journals I bought that are much more expensive. Since I was already in the store, I also bought this cute little pen tray:


12 thoughts on “Review: Kokuyo Campus Notebook

  1. Vern Sison says:

    Hello. I also enjoy the quality of Kokuyo notebooks. It’s cheap and simple but the paper is of high quality. I bought a lot of them during my Japan trip but I ran out of them, sadly. May I ask where you bought your Kokuyo Campus notebook?


  2. Hello! Just saw your review this morning. Just in case someone would like to know, Kokuyo is now available in SM office supplies store, although notebook comes only in B5 size binder with refills (loose leaf). Also refills are being sold at P169++ (as far as I remember). I have tested the paper and it’s really good, better than the loose leaf paper currently being sold by Muji.


  3. meily xua says:

    which store is it? I’ve been wanted to buy and try this one.
    I hope they still had this kind of version, but I’m afraid this kind of style was already phased out.


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