A Voice From the Past


I have six nephews and nieces. At one point, I looked at them playing together at my brother’s house and thought that this moment, it’s never going to be as vivid and fresh in my memory again. It’ll slip away like sand between my fingers, like a distant echo. I don’t remember when I decided to start my letter-writing project, my little time capsule, but I started it sometime late last year. I got an airtight box for it, to keep the letters dry and safe.

I sometimes include little watercolor paintings like this one, or I put together a collection of news so that they’ll know what was happening at that time when they were still kids. Sometimes I put photos of them and tell them about that memory. It’s the best way I know how to preserve the emotions, the sounds, the sights and smells from those special moments.

Someday my nieces and nephews will have a great time opening those letters. It’ll be like hearing a voice from the past. Somehow, I know that getting a bunch of old letters from their Tita is a whole lot more personal and fun than reading her blog. 🙂

The paper I used for this particular letter was white Tomoe River loose sheet. I like that it’s so delicate looking but it takes watercolor so well. From what I read online, there’s a component in the paper that also helps preserve the colors of the ink and paint on it and prevents it from discoloration even after several years. I often use a combination of fountain pen ink and watercolor for my little drawings.

You can start your little letter writing project too. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be. 🙂

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