Ink Swab: Private Reserve Avocado


I got this bottle of Private Reserve Avocado last Moday, after my husband and I had lunch at SM Aura. I’ve had this ink on my wishlist for quite some time, but it wasn’t available locally. That is, until this year, when Scribe became the official distributor of this brand in the Philippines.

I like that the opening of the bottle is really wide. Pens will have absolutely no trouble at all fitting through that, which is my usual issue with other ink bottles that have such. Small. Openings. Ugh.

Before I saw the swatches online, I thought that Avocado referred to the color of the insides of an avocado fruit, which is what the name usually refers to when used as a color. Something similar to the label on the bottle. It turns out that the color is more similar to the skin of an under ripe avocado fruit.


The color green just pops out of the page. It’s rich, it’s vibrant, and in some papers the shading actually shows some elements of red. Not unlike the skin of an avocado fruit, which has some red parts depending on how ripe it is. It’s pretty shiny as it writes and darkens a bit as it dries. I just realized how distinct the green skin of an avocado fruit is when I looked closely at this color. In the same way that this green is quite unusual at first sight.


The ink tends to be a bit on the dry side. With medium nibs, the flow is dry to moderate. It is an ink with expressive shading, even if it looks highly saturated. Drying time is pretty fast, about 10 seconds to dry. It’s sooo not water-resistant. A few seconds was enough to wash off most of the ink on the grid above.

Here are a few close up shots of the writing sample:

P6095198 P6095200 P6095199

Overall, a very nice ink. Fit for daily use if you want a non-conventional green that stands out without looking too crazy.

On a side note, my TWSBI Micarta is looking pretty good. I sealed it up with coconut oil and buffed it a bit to make it look shiny. ๐Ÿ™‚

Used in this review:
Private Reserve Avocado
Large, dot grid notebook from Elias Notebooks
TWSBI Micarta, Medium


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