Ink Swab: De Atramentis Document Ink Green


I’ve always been a little curious about document inks, though I never bought one before now. The last one I tried through a friend’s sample clogged up my pen constantly. Perhaps it’s because of the saturation level. I needed to prime the nib a lot to get it writing well. Since I had a pretty good experience with De Atramentis’ regular inks, I thought that I’d buy my first document ink through Elias Notebooks (official distributor of De Atramentis inks in the Philippines).

I was a little thrown off by it because the ink looked a little…milky. It didn’t look like how regular fountain pen looked. I thought it would look weird on paper. I guess that’s just how document inks look. I inked up my Cross Century II (medium) with it not just for the writing sample but for daily use.


I was surprised to see that it looked a lot like Diamine’s green black. I was a little afraid that it would look like a generic tech pen green. This one’s a rich, deep dark green.


I think it is a gorgeous shade of green–velvety, dark, nicely saturated. It is also surprisingly wet-flowing. I would definitely have no qualms using this with fine nibs (which I will do as soon as I use up my fill in this pen). With a medium nib, it feathers and bleeds through a bit of Muji’s paper. I used Elias for this review, though. So there’s no bleed through or feathering, but the flow is very generous. Even after not using it overnight, it started right up, no hard-starting.


Since I used a wet medium nib for this review, the ink took some time to dry, though. The main advantage of using document inks is that it is water proof. So I subjected it to the usual drip test which (as you can see from the photo above) it passed with flying colors. I subjected it to several water tests:



I soaked the paper in water for several minutes, even hosed it down until the paper almost got torn apart. The ink stayed on the paper, and it looked as vibrant as before. That is just impressive. It’s my first bottle of document ink and I am just blown away with how resilient it is to water.

Here are a few close ups of the writing sample:

P6095204 P6095203 P6095202

Used in this review:
De Atramentis Document Ink, Green – From Elias Notebooks
Large Dot Grid Journal from Elias Notebooks
Cross Century II, Medium


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