Ink Swab: Diamine Green Black


Green inks are awesome. I find that I prefer dark green inks for everyday writing, but I think that generally speaking, green inks are da bomb. Here’s another beautiful ink discovery through Elias Notebooks‘ ink swabs.

Diamine Green Black is a rich, velvet green color. It is a highly-saturated green. I’m not sure if it’s saturated enough to be called green black, perhaps it is. I find that the green component of this ink is a close match to Tokiwa Matsu, like dark pine green without the red sheen that makes Tokiwa Matsu’s color very distinct and complex.


This ink has some shading in it, which I appreciate isn’t very common in highly saturated ink. It dries a bit slow and has a moderate flow. It does not show feathering on cheaper, thinner paper. Overall, I’d say it’s a very well-behaved ink.


It’s not very water-proof, even if it is highly saturated. It’s a very serious shade of green. It’s an ink I would be perfectly comfortable using at work. It dries a bit darker after a while, and it looks like a very good ink for daily use. Not crazy-looking green, nor is it difficult to read. I love it. I love it a lot.

Here are a few close-up shots of the writing sample:

P6055020 P6055019 P6055018

Used in this review:
Diamine Green Black from Elias Notebooks‘ Ink Samples
Elias Notebooks’ dot grid, large journal
Cross Century II, Medium


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