Wonderful Green Inks!

Diamine and De Atramentis Inks distributed by Elias Notebooks in the Philippines

One of the things I enjoy most about pen meets is that I get to try out inks. Another thing you can do is to get samples. Most of these green inks came from Elias Notebook‘s sample vials for sale.

There are so many shades of green and the thing is that it’s often difficult to judge through swabs and writing samples whether you’ll like one or not. I don’t like scans of writing samples either (which is why I don’t do that often) because they’re often not very accurate. The best thing to do to find out whether you’ll like the ink (its shade, how it performs with your favorite pen, on your favorite paper, its flow, its sheen, etc) is to try it yourself. Elias has several ink sample vials for sale so it’s a cheaper way to try out different colors of ink if you’re not ready to commit to a full bottle.

I just started using fountain pens again last year, and I noticed (after trying a lot of colors) that I lean more towards a certain shade of brown and green. What’s your favorite ink color?


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