Ink Swab: Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-Ho (Rice Ear)


Cross Century II, Medium, inked with Ina-Ho

Iroshizuku Ina-Ho has always been a fascinating ink color for me. It’s one of those colors that you can’t simply peg down as yellow, brown or green. Kinda like Burma Road Brown, only this ink is in a class of its own.


Ina-ho with Asa-Gao on an Alunsina Journal (ivory-colored paper)

I’ve been using this ink extensively this week (two converters full, so far), and It’s a remarkably complex color. Again, the name Ina-Ho (Rice Ear) is very apt because it reminds me of golden grains of rice and their stalks.


With wider nib grades, it becomes more brown than golden green. Same with ivory-colored paper. In my Elias journal, it looks like a golden brown that’s close to the color of Lie de The, but not quite. In some lights it looks like golden green, in some, it looks like yellowish brown. Its hard to peg the color down.


It dries moderately fast, and though it’s not what I would call very water-resistant, some color does stay on paper. It’s not highly saturated at all. It is an expressive ink. There’s so much shading in it and when you take a closer look at the shading, that’s when the character of the ink really shines. Here are some close up shots of the writing sample.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Like other Iroshizuku inks that i tried, it’s very well-behaved. It’s not prone to feathering or nib creep, but it does flow a tad drier. Or it could be that I need to change the pen that I’m currently using with it. I suppose it’s not the kind of ink that you would choose for daily writing in more formal settings, but it’s a very unique and beautiful shade. I don’t think that I own any ink similar to it.


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