Ink Swab Redux: Sailor Blue Black

Sometimes it takes the right paper and pen combination to make the ink shine. I wrote a review of the Sailor Blue Black ink a while back and it was less than favorable. I thought it to be quite prone to misbehaving–nib creep, dry flow in most fine and some medium nibs. Fast forward to the first week of February this year when I inked my NoNonsense with it and trying it for the first time on my favorite Elias journals. The difference is so remarkable that I thought I’d make a new review.


I bought my bottle of Sailor Blue Black ink from Scribe Writing Essentials when I was new to using fountain pens. I felt so disappointed that the ink was incompatible with so many of my pens back then. It was so highly saturated that it caused unwanted stains in my demonstrators, it was always clogging pens with fine nibs, it wrote dry in medium nibs, and it wasn’t as dark as I wanted it to be. I was so frustrated with it that I stacked at the bottom of my other ink boxes and forgot about it. When I dug it up for my blue Sheaffer No Nonsense and tried it on my Elias Journal, here’s what it looked like:


I didn’t realize that it had gorgeous red sheen. Paired with the right pen (in this case, my Bexley Corona with the 1.1mm nib), it shows through so beautifully. In low light, it’s a nice shade of dark blue. Perhaps not as dark as I want it to be, but as far as other blue blacks go, this one’s pretty good.


It dries moderately fast, and shows very beautiful shading. It’s also water resistant and it doesn’t change color when it dries up.


Overall, a pretty good ink! I’m happy I rediscovered it. I still think it flows drier than my other Sailor inks, but that red sheen is splendid. ❤


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