6 For the Week


After some hemming and hawing, I finally decided on which six pens I am keeping for this week. Or until their inks run out. I decided to whittle down my daily carry to six because I use all colors to color-code my notes. I wanted to make sure that I’m enjoying the pens and not just acquiring them (no offense to pen collectors who only want to acquire and not use–whatever makes you happy).

I decided on:
Parker 51, Medium – Diamine Onyx Black
Waterman Gentleman, Fine – Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo
Pilot Vanishing Point, Medium – Diamine Dark Olive
Edison Pearlette, 1.1mm – Diamine Sepia
TWSBI Micarta, Medium – Diamine Oxblood
Bexley Corona, 1.1mm – Diamine Majestic Purple

This way, I have a variety of inks and also a variety of different nib grades to use.



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