A Waterman Gentleman


A nice new pen came in the mail today! I spotted this for sale online and thought that for such a good price, it’s worth the risk. The seller didn’t seem to know much about the pen, except that it’s a Waterman which she bought from France for around P6,000. She was selling it for a fraction of that price.

From the low-res photos of the pen, it seemed like it was in pretty good shape. It took me a while, but I figured that it’s a Waterman Gentleman from the logo in the finial, the clip, the 18k nib and the end of the barrel.


When I got through the courier today, I was half-expecting the pen to be in rougher shape. Turns out that aside from a few microscratches, it’s in great shape. The nib is beautiful and there’s no ink dried up inside. The nib doesn’t seem like it’s seen much use, but I still need to tune it a bit to make it a wetter writer. I should be able to write a review soon. 🙂 Gosh, what a gorgeous pen this is.



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