Ink Swab: Diamine Terracotta (150th Anniversary Ink)


I’m very partial to brown and green inks. I’ve several brown inks and a couple that are supposed to be close to the color of terracotta. However, I found that Diamine Terracotta anniversary ink is my favorite brown ink (the second would be Sepia, also by Diamine).


It comes in pretty boxes designed with print that is reminiscent of art deco designs. It’s a pretty package for a pretty ink.


The bottle is triangular, and when you put all the anniversary ink bottles together, they form a circle.


If I absolutely have to pick just one brown ink to use my entire life, this would be the current winner. This ink flows wonderfully wet, it’s pretty easy to show off the shading even in paper that doesn’t usually show shading. The paper I used below is from Elias Notebook. I decided to rebuild my ink journal using that paper because it shows off the characteristics of the ink effortlessly. The shading and sheen are accentuated beautifully.


The ink flows wet whether in fine or broader nibs. My favorite pen to pair it with is my TWSBI Micarta. Whether I’m using the cursive italic nib done by Pentangeli or the regular Medium nib that came with it, the ink flows wonderfully wet and the shading is just gorgeous. 


Compared with other terracotta colored ink that I tried, I think this is the prettiest ink so far. The color looks like brick red. It’s a great combination of brown, red and orange.


For wet-flowing ink, it dries up fast. It’s not water resistant, though. It dries to a beautiful color of my mom’s flower pots. It doesn’t change color much after it’s been dry a while. It retains much of its vibrancy and beautiful terracotta hue.

All I can say about this ink is that if you love brown ink or if you’re willing to try it, you shouldn’t pass this one up. It’s a gorgeous color and the ink (like many Diamine inks that I have) behaves superbly. My only complaint is only got one bottle. I should have gotten more because I’m sure I’ll be in love with this ink for a long time.


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