Trying out Brush Pens

Calligraphy has always been a great frustration for me. I admire people who can make works of art with different kinds of pens. I resolved to learn at least one type of calligraphy and since dip pens aren’t working out so great with me, I decided to try brush pens.


Sailor Yubi Maki-e Brush Pen, a pretty package.

I bought a Sailor Yubi Maki-e brush pen from Create Crafts and tried my hand at brush calligraphy. The brush arrived today (ordered last Friday evening) and I dove right into it. I gotta admit that this is a bit easier for me than dip pens, it’s just a lot easier to control.


The pen itself it quite pretty. “Maki-e” is a technique where gold or silver dust is lacquered onto a surface. The resulting design and texture is really beautiful, especially with the black resin accentuating the glittery details.


yubu-5        yubu-3

It’s a very light pen, and easy to use for long practice hours. I’m currently still using up the cartridge of black ink that came with it and I’m thinking about filling it up with a different color after I clean it. Perhaps some Stormy Grey or Apache Sunset.


It’s a bit easier for me to use this pen because the motions are more fluid and natural than when I use dip pens. The overall experience is just a lot better. I need a lot of practice but I think I’ll enjoy this pen a lot.


Check out the Sailor Yubi Maki-e brush pen here.


4 thoughts on “Trying out Brush Pens

  1. M. J. says:

    Just bought almost the same item but I am completely stumped on how to use it. Is it preloaded with ink? Because nothing is coming out.

    BG: my brush pen came with no instructions. I don’t even have the pretty box yours came with. Just plain plastic wrapper. @_@


    • Pao says:

      Hey MJ, it depends on the kind of brush pen you have. Some do have cartridges, others are disposable and should work after uncapping. Can you unscrew the barrel of your brush pen? Does it have a cartridge inside the barrel?


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