My Short 2015 Wishlist

I think most pen enthusiast go through an initial stage of buying frenzy. They buy any pen that they can afford or looks pretty. I tried out a lot of pens in my early months as a collector and I have since sold many of the pens that I don’t see myself keeping for the next few years.

I think I’m already at the stage of carefully curating what I add to my collection, and so I’ve slowed down to a grinding halt in terms of adding new pens. I think it’s time for my first grail pen. 🙂 I have a short list of pens that are realistically attainable for me this coming year.

  1. Franklin Christoph Model 19 (Black with King’s Gold or Cherry Band)
  2. Bexley Poseidon Magnum II (Bronze Sands) or another Bexley Corona
  3. Pelikan M600
  4. Faber Castell eMotion (Dark Pearwood)
  5. Pilot Vanishing Point (white and gold or black and gold) – available at Cosmos! Finally!

I have a few projects that I need to finish first so I might need to wait until the middle of the year before I start saving up for them, but it’s okay. I’m happy with the pens that I got now, and I can wait longer for better pens to use. At least, until another Parker 51 or Vacumatic goes up for sale in the Marketplace. I just hope I can snag a VP at Cosmos before they run out. I heard from FPN-P peeps that they only brought in limited stocks to see how salable these VPs are.


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