A Closer Look at My Full-Sized Parker 51 Aerometric


I wrote yesterday that I traded one of my demi-sized Parker 51’s for this full-sized 51. It’s basically the same as my demi, except it’s bigger and the aerometric converter holds more ink and is encased in a steel shell instead of just a clamp.


The date code on it shows that it’s from 1959, I think my demi is a bit older.The cap is also lustraloy, and the arrow clip is virtually the same, just bigger. 


I love the older designs on Parker’s clips, especially on the 51’s and the Vacumatics. The quiver is more pronounced and it looks like more work went into it than the modern clips.


It’s a single-jewel P51, with the same color of jewel as my demi.

P1040489     P1040493

The nib is 14k gold, and the tines seem to be too far apart, which accounts for why it spews ink like a fire hydrant. I already love the ink flow on it, but I’ll see if I can reduce the inkflow just a tiny bit.


Here it is, disassembled. The sac still looks to be in great condition, and I know it’ll serve me for many more years before it needs to be replaced.


Here’s a video of the writing sample below:

It’s no surprise that it writes well. The Parker 51 bug has bitten me since my very first purchase from the local pen club’s marketplace. I love it a lot, and I’m happy to finally get my first full-sized P51.


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