My First Bexley, and it’s Yummmmmy! (Bexley Corona in Blueberry Cream, Fine Nib)


There’s always something special about your first kinds of pens. Getting my first vintage Parker was a memorable experience, so was my first Wahl Eversharp. My first Bexley is no different. I just savored the experience of opening that box for the first time and enjoying the weight, texture and look of the pen. I wanted to get the Lemon Meringue but since that’s already out of stock, Blueberry Cream was my second choice. Needless to say, I enjoyed my first few moments with the pen a lot. It’s even more enjoyable because I was with pen friends at the time.


After leaving the mini pen meet, I settled down with my husband in a cafe and had a little “alone time” with the pen. *Insert happy sigh here*. I might decide to have it ground to a cursive italic, though. Maybe. Review to follow.


Doodle here...

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