Splurging a little on fountain pens…

This is a short and simple article I found on Wired about splurging a little on fountain pens –> When Buying Fountain Pens, Splurging (a little) Is Totally Worth It

My favorite paragraph (near the end) reads:

“Cynics will dismiss using a fountain pen these days as a needless hipsterism, a tacky bit of retro nostalgia that serves no real purpose. I disagree. A good fountain pen is a piece of precision engineering and design, and will serve you well for many years. Using a fountain pen is about making a deliberate choice to buy something that you can use repeatedly, rather than something you use once and loose. If you want to write casually, get a Bic disposable and throw it away when you’re done. But if you want to have something that looks cool and is a pleasure to use, get a fountain pen.”

I’m going to add that the writing experiences between using a ballpoint pen or gel pen and using a fountain pen are vastly different. Yes, fountain pens are (hands-down) a lot prettier than many ball points in the market, but writing with them is as different as eating fastfood and eating in a good restaurant. Sure, you feel full after a meal, but the culinary experience is vastly different. 

Many people won’t get my enthusiasm about fine writing instruments. I myself initially ignored it entirely because of my unwillingness to devote time in maintenance. Once I tried one, though, that was it for me. Especially since I’m a person who still keeps journal entries daily, keeps handwritten notes and who still prefers hand-written letters over email.

I have both entry level and mid-level pens in my collection, and I do think that spending a bit more gives you an entirely different writing experience. I’m not comfortable at all spending above the mid-range market, but that’s because I can’t afford that yet. Perhaps someday? Maybe.

Would I notice a difference in the writing experience between a Lamy Safari and a Bexley Corona? Definitely. Is it worth it? For me, it absolutely is.


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