Two-Pen Leather Case

The great thing about joining a group of fountain pen enthusiasts is that you get to meet a lot of interesting and creative people who share you interests and take it to new levels.


Today I got a leather pen case from one of the members of FPN-P. She’s not making these cases anymore (such a shame), and I’m happy I snagged one of the last cases she has on stock. I’m still hoping that she changes her mind and starts making more soon.


I was kind of hoping to buy 5 or 4 pen cases but unfortunately, that’s all sold out. I ended up getting a two-pen case.


There’s a divider so that the two pens don’t rub against each other. It’s gonna be impossible to scratch the pens in this leather case. The insides are lined with velvet. The case itself is made of top grain vege tanned cowhide tooling leather (whew! that’s a mouthful!) and feels really sturdy and solid. I love it.


Handmade leather goods like this have a lot of character to them. They’re not as precision-made as if done by heavy machines. There’s a lot of heart in them, and that’s exactly what I love about handmade things.


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