Review: Parker 25, Broad


My quiver has a handful of arrows.

When somebody offered to trade her Parker 25 with my Kaweco Sport, I agreed because I honestly haven’t used that pen in months. I’m learning now that plastic pens aren’t really appealing for me. I thought I’d just add another Parker to my collection of arrows.


Parker 25 – square clip, tapered bottom.

This morning, I got the Parker 25 with a broad flighter nib in the mail. I bought it because I thought the design was pretty interesting. It looked (for lack of a better term) quite futuristic. The pen has a very streamlined design. It has a slim profile with the end of the barrel tapering off and the rest of the pen feeling pretty much the same width. The pen feels really solid in the hand, it has good heft to it. My first impression was that it felt like it could withstand a lot of abuse.


Parker 25, uncapped

The body is stainless steel, the section is hard plastic. It feels substantial but well-balanced, neither top not bottom heavy. When you post the pen, it sits on the tapered part of the barrel comfortably and securely. The cap snaps on and off the section and slides onto the end of the barrel when posting. Unlike other Parker pens with the iconic arrow-shaped clip, this one has a squarish clip with the Parker logo on it. This is probably because this pen (which was made in the UK) was marketed towards a younger demographic. They wanted to make a pen that looks modern, with a slim profile, but offers all the benefits of a fountain pen. Needless to say, it became really popular during its time. It had the reputation of being boxy but extremely reliable, a great workhorse of a pen. 


The pen is quite easy to take apart, and I was surprised to see an aerometric squeeze converter attached to the section. I was kind of expecting a sliding or twisting converter on it, although these converters will probably fit too. The nib friction fits into the section so you can just pull it off and clean it in case it gets clogged. The fins are quite fine, though, so best to be careful when cleaning it.


This is my second Parker with a flighter nib, but my first with a broad tip. That is a huge, generous bulb at the tip of the nib, and it results to really rounded lines.


The pen is incredibly generous with the ink flow. It’s a smooth writer that doesn’t hard start, skip, or railroads. It works right out of the box. Here is a video of a writing sample of this pen:

All in all, it’s another great, dependable Parker pen. I’m happy to add it to my collection. 🙂


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