Review: Parker Frontier, Fine


I got this package in the mail yesterday. I love how my husband puts my packages beside our bed so that when I wake up, it’s like waking up to a surprise. Haha. Anyway, the package contained a Parker Frontier in matte black, with a fine nib, and a small bottle of Parker Quink.


As I mentioned in my last entries, It looked really similar to my Parker Sonnet, like a diet or trimmed-down version of it. However, this pen is lighter, simpler, and less sophisticated. This isn’t to say that it’s a bad pen. I actually think it’s a pretty good pen for its price point. This particular pen was manufactured in the third quarter of 1993, although the line itself was discontinued in 2012, which is just two years ago. 


The pen has a cigar-type body, and is pretty good-looking. All the corners are tapered, smooth, and seamless. There’s no hard corners on this pen at all, even the cap and the clip. I like that.


As shown in this side by side photo of a Frontier (left) and a Sonnet’s (right) barrel, the Frontier’s barrel is smooth and seamless. It’s somewhat fatter than the Sonnet, though. It looks like the Sonnet’s chubby sister.

The pen posts, but I’m not particularly happy with the way that it does because it feels awkward, like the cap posts too far back at the end of the pen and it makes the pen look longer than it should. I just don’t post the cap at all, and it feels just fine in the hand. A tad light, but not uncomfortably so.


I got this pen on a whim, because I am beginning to really like Parker pens. I bought it even if it’s a fine point, and I prefer medium and broad nibs because, from my experience, Parker’s fine nibs can be wet writers too. I wasn’t disappointed at all.


Check out the close up of the writing sample and its video below:


This is one wet writer, and reminded me of the Waterman Crusader that I bought a few weeks back. For a fine nib, the inkflow is really impressively generous. All in all, this is a great pen especially for its price. I just wish I can find another one of this in medium or broad.

As a new collector, I’m just really beginning to explore my preferences, and I’m now beginning to figure out that I prefer nibs that aren’t too springy, flexible, or fine. I like nibs that are smooth but firm and lays down a wide line. It makes me feel happy to see the ink gushing out as I write. That’s also what fits my (kinda boring) penmanship.


5 thoughts on “Review: Parker Frontier, Fine

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  2. Martin says: have had a frontier from new. Translucent blue. I love the feel and the looks but the nib has always been a tiny bit leaky. I was wondering if the blue barrel would fit on a sonnet, which is a bit more expensive and therefore probably a bit better quality. As you have both you’d be the perfect person to ask…….


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