Labrador Pocket Leather Organizer


My brother and sister-in-law gave me this cute little leather organizer/notebook for my birthday. Of course, one of the pleasures of collecting pens is having (a ridiculously wide assortment of) different notebooks to write on. My husband knows this very well because I would spend hours in different bookstores just finding the right notebook with the right texture, color and paper quality. Some women take that long to pick their shoes, I take that long to pick my journals.

P1040190   P1040186

It came in a pretty nice box too, very presentable. I like that the notebook’s leather cover is designed in a very simple, minimalist way. It’s really very appealing to look at, and the genuine leather on this journal looks like it will age pretty well. All dings and scratches it will get in the future will only add to its character.


The band around the notebook is detachable, so you can lay it open, flat on a table and write without being bothered with clasps, bulges or bumps. Part of it is garterized so it can hold more of your things inside if you want to put cards, passports and whatnots.

Looks like it can fit a small Muji or Midori notebook (I will drop by Muji and Scribe next weekend to check it out and update this post). I thought that if I didn’t like the paper on the notebook, I can just buy one that I like and stick it inside.

Of course, the real test of any notebook is how it handles fountain pen ink, and I’m very happy to say that this notebook holds up really well. I used one of my wettest writers on it (Lamy Studio, Medium) and it didn’t even bleed through.


The paper kind of reminded me of the journals I like in Muji; the one with the thick, black covers. The paper isn’t so smooth or slippery that it’s hard to write on. Actually the paper looks thin and gives a little feedback on the pen’s nib as I write. It adds to the writing experience, that little “scratch, scratch” sound I make while writing.

The ink feathers a little, but it doesn’t really bug me. I like that the ink spreads just a tiny bit. Like the scratchy sound, I think it adds to the writing experience. It’s exactly the reason why the black Muji notebook is my favorite journal, the paper is just like this. It reminds me of why I like fountain pens in the first place. The lines aren’t perfectly rounded, they have more character to them. Picking the right paper adds to that experience a lot.

Here is a close up of the writing sample I made on the notebook.


Here is a photo of how the writing shows at the back of the page. It doesn’t bleed through but it shows through. I tried using my other pens which are also wet writers but not as wet as this Lamy Studio and its medium nib, and the writing barely showed through at the back.


All in all, it’s a good notebook in a classy leather cover. I think I’ll visit their shop one of these days and pick out a bigger leather cover that might fit my A5-sized journals. 🙂

I don’t have information on the price as it’s a gift from my brother, but I’ll try to get a hold of their catalog. Here’s their page on Facebook and here’s their Instagram account.

Labrador Factory Philippines
G/F Unit 7 La Fuerza Plaza 1,
2241 Chino Roces cor Sabio Street
1233 Makati City, Philippines
(02) 502 4679

Update: I found this funny notepad in Mt. Cloud Bookstore at Baguio. It had other designs like “Irita Avila” haha. I recently discovered they are also sold at Powerbooks. These funny pads are FP-friendly. This one fits quite well into my Labrador organizer.



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