Rethinking Converters?

When I was starting out with this collection during the last week of May this year, my friend (who encouraged me to try it) tried to explain to me different ways of filling pens with inks. I was faced with options on getting pens with converter fillers, piston fillers, etc. Of course for practicality’s sake (as I wasn’t ready to spend money on a hobby), I picked a converter-filled pen and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Today I have pens that are piston-filling, lever-filling, aerometric, etcetera… I can say with certainty that my personal preference leans more towards converter-filled pens because it’s simply easier to maintain. If something goes wrong with it, chuck it out and replace it. Piston pens, for example, are a bit harder (and more expensive) to fix.

Of course it’s really a personal preference. For some people, replacing the sac or taking the pen apart to apply silicon grease to the piston, the general maintenance of fountain pens is part of the charm.

In any case, for those of you who are thinking about this issue, here’s something you can read that might help: “Let’s Reevaluate Converter-Filling Fountain Pens” by Edison Pen Co’s Brian Gray


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