New Pen: Parker Frontier, Fine


I got this in the mail this morning (it came with the bottle of Quink). Another Parker pen from a fellow pen collector. My first impression of this pen is that I love how it looks. It looks kinda similar to my Sonnet except it is slightly fatter around the middle.


I’ve only begun my collection so I’m trying to feel my way around the different  brands that I like and I have to admit that Parker is really growing on me. I got this pen for a really, really low price (low even by eBay standards), but it writes so well! All my Parker pens have just been such solid writers. I’m hoping to make my way to vintage Parkers someday, though I’m also finding myself drawn towards vintage Watermans (Watermen? Waterpeople?).

Anyway, I’ll review this pen soon. I’m off to take it for a spin on my journals today. ^_^


Doodle here...

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