Review: Ohto Poche, Fine


I was about to sleep around 2:30 AM today when I saw somebody post some pens up for sale in the marketplace of FPN-P. Am I glad I looked! Somebody was selling a Parker 45 (for P300!) and this cute little Japanese pen. I immediately messaged the seller and we arranged to meet later in the day.

I bought the Parker 45 even though the barrel’s design isn’t Harlequin because at a very good price, my Parker will already have a companion. The small pen, I just added as an afterthought.


My first impression when I saw it…”Gosh, it’s a tiny pen.” It’s pretty cute, though, and when you post the cap, the length is already comparable to a medium-sized pen. As thin as some Cross fountain pens, actually. 


I dipped it in the ink that I just bought, took it for a test run, and just like that, I’m in love.

Ohto is a pen manufacturer from Japan. The name “Poche” was derived from the French word for pocket because, well, it’s a pocket pen. It’s approximately 105 mm when capped and 144.8 mm when the cap is posted. It’s not very comfortable to write with if it’s not posted, unless you have teeny-tiny hands. The body is made of aluminum and the ring and end plugs are brass.


The design of the cap is called Arabesque and is a pattern of glossy and matte textures. It’s really intricate and pretty.


The end of the cap has a little jewel on it. I don’t like bling on my pens, but this is unobtrusive enough for me to overlook. The size reminds me of Kaweco pens. Here is a side by side comparison with a Kaweco Sport.


It fits comfortably in my Kaweco pen case. Which is probably how I’m going to carry it around. It’s so small, I’m afraid I might lose it if I left it in my pocket. Despite the diminutive size of the pen, it is pretty comfortable in my hand. Not as hefty as full-sized pens, to be sure, but not uncomfortably weightless either. Strangely enough, it feels like it has more heft than my Lamy Safari.


The pen only takes international short cartridges because of the extremely short barrel. Even Kaweco squeeze converters don’t fit, that’s how short it is. It’s definitely not something you’d want to bring in a long trip without extra ink. I don’t mind the small ink capacity at all. Makes ink rotation go a lot faster for me. For those who want to know how to refill ink cartridges, here is a tutorial.


The nib is iridium point, and it performs really well. It writes so smoothly, even smoother than my Rotring Freeway.


The nib is firm but a bit springy, almost like my TWSBI 580 Diamond except it’s shorter. It’s also very generous with the ink flow, which is of course a plus for me.


And here is a video of the writing sample.

I don’t usually buy pens with fine points because I like wet writers with medium and broad nibs. This one, however, does write like a medium point. It’s certainly a lot more pleasurable to use than my other pens with fine nibs. Here is a closer look at how it writes on my Muji journal.


What a great pen it is, and I have a feeling it will make it to the list of my daily carry pens. I nabbed it a very good price too (P500)! It’s already a very affordable pen if bought brand new, but the price I bought it for is a mere fraction of what the price will be after shipping and customs fees.

Yes, I am very, very happeh with it. ^_^


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