New Pens and Ink! Ohto Poche and Parker 45, Noodler’s Burma Road Brown


Today I went to Scribe to check out the new Noodlers’ Inks that arrived. I was hoping to snag some blue black, but they don’t have it in stock. What I got instead was the Burma Road Brown. I love brown inks and I found this color pretty interesting. It is brownish-green and, depending on the pen and paper, sometimes more brown and sometimes more green.


I made an ink swab of it and will review it soon. 

I purchased a Parker 45 fountain pen because I wanted my ballpoint pen to have a partner, even if it’s not a Harlequin. Here it is beside my Parker 45 Harlequin ballpoint pen.


The most interesting thing I purchased today though is probably this cute little pen.


It’s called Ohto Poche (poche is French for “pocket”). It’s a cute little thing, and it’s made in Japan. I’ll review this right after I write a journal entry with it first. 🙂



Doodle here...

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