Ink Swab: Noodler’s Burma Road Brown

noodlers burma road brown001

I just love brown, green, and yellow (all dark) inks. The darker, the better. I dropped by Scribe hoping to buy a proper blue black ink but I ended up with Noodler’s Burma Road Brown, which was something I stumbled upon while reading the forums of FPN-P this week. I decided to give it a try because the hue is a bit intriguing for me.


Here’s a writing sample using my pen with the broadest nib, my Waterman Hemisphere. Oh, I just loved it right out of the bottle. The paper used for this shot is Muji. Here is a close up of the letters and how they show off the gorgeous shading.


It’s like very dark brown with a mixture of dark green and a bit of a yellowish tint. I like the complexity of the color and that you can’t pinpoint for sure whether it’s brown, green, or yellow. Haha. Here’s a comparison with my favorite inks that are somehow similar to it; Diamine POGI and J. Herbin’s Lie de The.


Gorgeous colors, really. Burma Road Brown just made it to my favorite inks list. ^_^


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