Ink Swab: Noodler’s Burma Road Brown

noodlers burma road brown001

I just love brown, green, and yellow (all dark) inks. The darker, the better. I dropped by Scribe hoping to buy a proper blue black ink but I ended up with Noodler’s Burma Road Brown, which was something I stumbled upon while reading the forums of FPN-P this week. I decided to give it a try because the hue is a bit intriguing for me.


Here’s a writing sample using my pen with the broadest nib, my Waterman Hemisphere. Oh, I just loved it right out of the bottle. The paper used for this shot is Muji. Here is a close up of the letters and how they show off the gorgeous shading.


It’s like very dark brown with a mixture of dark green and a bit of a yellowish tint. I like the complexity of the color and that you can’t pinpoint for sure whether it’s brown, green, or yellow. Haha. Here’s a comparison with my favorite inks that are somehow similar to it; Diamine POGI and J. Herbin’s Lie de The.


Gorgeous colors, really. Burma Road Brown just made it to my favorite inks list. ^_^


3 thoughts on “Ink Swab: Noodler’s Burma Road Brown

  1. Philip Guest says:

    Could you compare this to Diamine Safari?
    I was very excited about Tokiwa Matsu but it’s too blue (also Salamander, although that remains intriguing). The Kingdom Note “Deep in the Mountains” and “Cicada”, both look close to what I’m looking for, along with MontBlanc “Daniel Defoe”, but I would rather find something accessible and affordable!
    By those criteria Burma Road Brown and Safari look closest. Any other suggestions in this range?


    • Hi Philip, in broader nibs, Burma Road Brown leans more on the brown side. I think Safari is closer to Daniel Defoe’s color, it’s an earthy green color. A tad dry on some of my pens, but a beautiful color nonetheless. 🙂


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