Review: Jinhao 601, Medium


I got two pens in the mail today, both Jinhao 601’s. These are my first Chinese-made pens. I must say that the presentation is quite unexpected.

P1040075 P1040077

The polyurethane box is quite presentable and snappy, and I like the white felt interior.. The pens themselves look surprisingly like Parker Sonnets. I guess that’s what they based their designs on?

P1040079 P1040078

The likeness is uncanny. Even the arrow design on the clip looks really similar to Parker’s clips.


I like the weight and texture of the pen. I believe the body is plastic, and the grip is textured plastic. The weight is pleasant and the pen sits securely and comfortably in my hand while I write. The pen’s cap can be pulled off and has a pleasant “click” to it. It posts, but I prefer not to because it feels like the cap is grabbing the barrel. It posts securely but I’m afraid of scratching the barrel. The section, however, is made of hard plastic with this criss-cross texture. it can be uncomfortable when you write with it for too long.


It comes with a converter and a box of black ink cartridges which, of course I promptly emptied out with a syringe  because I don’t like black ink. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the cartridges also fit my Waterman Hemisphere. I’ve been trying to find cartridges that fit it and viola, now I have five. ^_^ For those of you who don’t know how to refill disposable cartridges using a syringe, here’s a tutorial from Ink Nouveau.


As far as the writing goes, this pen’s nib is hard as nails. It writes consistently, although it’s a dry writer. I’m personally more partial to pens that have springy nibs and are wet writers, but I do appreciate dry writers once in a while, especially with paper that tends to bleed through. This pen handles non-fp-friendly paper without issues.

It’s a little toothy and has a lot of feedback, but at 450, this is already a very good starter pen. It could also be a good pen to practice on if you want to learn how to smooth out the nib. If you’re wondering where I got it, click here.

Update: I finally got around to flossing and adjusting the nibs on these two pens that I got and the change is quite remarkable:


As you can see, they’ve become wet writers, pretty generous with ink. 🙂 Amazing how a little effort can make your pens write a lot  better than before. Here’s a video of the writing sample.

The nib is really rigid, so if you enjoy writing with stiff nibs, this can be a great starter pen for you.


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