Review: Parker Sonnet, Medium

I bought this used Parker Sonnet from another member of the Fountain Pen Network. It needed a bit of cleaning when I got it, but a nice long soak in water with mild soap really got the ink flow going on this one.


When I got the flow going, it’s an incredibly wet writer. This Parker Sonnet I got is matte black with gold trim, it’s a very handsome-looking pen. According to the date code, it was manufactured back in 2006. (Want to know how to date your Parker pen? Not romantically, okay? Date it, as in know when it was made, haha. Click here.)


The pen has a very elegant look to it, with its simple and classic design. The cap has a jewel on it, and the end of the barrel is shaped like a bullet or a cigar. Much like one of my favorites, the Rotring Freeway. I love pens that are shaped like this; all soft curves and understated elegance. 


The trims need a little polishing, which I will get to eventually, when I’m done playing with it. I like the matte finish on the body, although it’s a little bit slippery and dry to the touch. It’s a good thing the grip is made of plastic, it’s easier to hold the pen while writing. The overall feel of it (texture, heft) reminds me of my Rotring Freeway, except it’s a bit fatter and shorter. I believe the length is 5.8 inches. See the comparison below.


The weight of the Parker Sonnet is also very pleasant. I can comfortably use it unposted, which is how I prefer to use my pens. The length isn’t awkward for people with medium sized hands, I presume. It feels well-balanced and sufficiently hefty for comfortable writing.


The nib is medium but it writes like a wet broad nib. No complaints about that. It’s an ink guzzler, to be sure, but it’s such a pleasure seeing the generous ink flow while gliding smoothly across paper. Such a pleasant writing experience.


It’s pretty easy to disassemble the nib. Just twist it a bit and you’ll disengage the feed from the barrel. I was able to thoroughly clean it out that way. It’s such a pleasure to write with, even though it’s not as hard as nails.


As you can see from the writing sample, it shows off the sheen pretty well. That gorgeous ink, by the way, is Diamine POGI (Peter’s Olive Green Ink). It’s a custom color mixed by one of the members of FPN-P, a beautiful dark olive ink. It’s limited edition, though, so I’m hyperventilating a bit thinking about what I’ll do if it runs out and the supply is gone. Haha.

I absolutely love this pen. I’m thinking of getting another one like it, but brand new and with a different design. Maybe a glossy black this time.


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