Review: Waterman Hemisphere, Broad

Here’s my Waterman Hemisphere (Marble Red) in a medium nib. I’ve waited a few weeks to be able to review this pen. I sent it in for a little nib tuning since it was a bit of a dry writer and I wanted it to be as generous with the ink flow as my Waterman Expert II. It originally came as a medium nib, but it always wrote a lot wider than all my other medium nibs. It felt more like a broad to me, which is great since I’ve been thinking of switching from medium to broad nibs in my future purchases, anyway.


It is quite beautiful. Almost the same with the form factor of my Waterman Expert II, except it’s more svelte. This pen was manufactured in the 1990’s. Like the Expert II, the Hemisphere has a lacquered brass body with gold plated trimmings, unlike the newer versions of this pen which come in brushed and satin metal finishes. This pen may look slim but the brass body gives it a very pleasant weight.

P1040007 P1040008

Here’s a side by side comparison with the Expert II. They have the same appearance of tapering slightly towards the edges, but the middle portion is just bulging a little. I love the finish on this pen. Love, love, love it! Like the French Blue finish on the Expert II. It exudes a very understated kind of sophistication. 



It was already a great pen from the time I got it, but I wanted the ink flow to be a bit more generous so I had it tuned a little. The nib is supposed to be medium, but somehow it just wrote like a Broad nib for me.


After tuning, it became really generous with the ink flow. As you can see, it shows off the shading of the ink so beautifully. I am in love with it. The gorgeous green ink came from the nibmeister who tuned my pen. That’s a Diamine P.O.G.I. (Peter’s Olive Green Ink), specially mixed by Peter of Fountain Pen Network Philippines. I love this shade of green. I can’t seem to find this in the current inks offered by J. Herbin.

I loved it so much I ordered a bottle. Haha. See, that’s the way to get pen nerds to buy stuff…let them try it out.

Here is a video of the writing sample using Noodler’s Burma Road Brown.

All in all, the Waterman Hemisphere is a well-balanced pen (posted or unposted) with a very solid body and a beautiful finish. I love the way it writes, I love everything about it. I appreciate the workmanship on this pen, it’s hard to dislike anything about it. As far as entry-level Waterman pens go, the Hemisphere is a pretty good pen and it’s great for daily use. Certainly a great pen to add to my collection.


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