Polishing Gold-Plated Pens

I wrote a couple of days ago about some pens that I found in one of my mom’s pencil cases. I almost overlooked them because of the condition they were in, but these Cross Century classic pens clean up quite well. I was going to buy some metal-polishing chemicals to help speed up the cleaning process. Good thing I asked a friend first about how to properly go about it. 


After several hours of patiently polishing it, they look very different from the first time I found them. The discoloration are almost completely gone. There were so many little scratches and signs of wear all over it but they’re growing faint as the body becomes cleaner. 

The trick is to just patiently polish it with a cotton cloth. No harmful chemicals needed at all. I didn’t need to submerge it in water or anything either. No need to expose the inner mechanism to what could probably damage it in the long run. 

I can imagine all the journal entries my mom wrote with these, all the checks and documents signed before they ran out of ink. My mom was not one to to take extra special care of pens as she didn’t collect them. Her approach was more utilitarian. She enjoyed them as she used them. I was the same way, until I started my collection this year. I never put my pens on hard surfaces in order to avoid scratching them. I keep them in a pen wrap with individual pouches so they don’t rub up against each other while in storage. I always keep in mind that I will preserve these pens so that they can be enjoyed by the future generation as part of the family history. 

I love these pens but I think they’re a bit too pretty to carry around with me, haha. I keep them safe in a pen wrap while I plan my display cases. What I carry around is my father’s Parker 45 Harlequin. When I write with it, I sometimes feel like I’m holding his hand. What can I say, I’m a Papa’s girl. 


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