Review: Kaweco AL Sport Stonewashed Blue, Medium


The first time I saw this beauty in Scribe Writing Essentials, I immediately wanted it. With its vintage-styled case and its overall washed out look, I thought it was a pretty cool-looking pen.


This is a Kaweco AL Sport Stonewashed Blue fountain pen with a medium nib. It’s a present from my husband. I was waffling between the stonewashed black and blue pens, so I let my husband just pick the color for me. I think he picked the right one. This color is so much fun! When I held the pen for the first time (May Anne from Scribe Glorietta 5 was kind enough to assist me), it felt like a tool one might carry around while working in a garage. It’s my only fountain pen that I feel safe to carry in my pocket without scratching or damaging it. Being the fountain pen n00b that I am, I didn’t know that they offered clips for this kind of pen. So I’m making a mental note to ask about it next time I visit. 


As the “AL” in the name indicates, the body of the pen is made of aluminum, giving it a very solid feel. It doesn’t look dainty or pretty, but it’s really a pleasure to hold. It’s the only pen I use posted because it feels too light and is too short if it isn’t. The cap screws off and posts comfortably.

Kaweco used a finishing system to mimic what it would look like with accelerated wear. While the finish looks a bit too uniform all over the pen compared with genuine wear, I really don’t mind. I still think it’s pretty cool and it will just look better as time goes by.


The pen comes with a blue cartridge, and though I’m pretty comfortable using cartridges and refilling it using a syringe, I opted to buy a squeeze converter because I haven’t used one before. Goodness, these converters suck up a tiny bit of ink! Nevertheless, I realized that I should be half-filling pens with ink from now on instead of fully filling them, because I love to use different-colored inks. This makes ink rotation easier.


The nib, a medium, is moderately wet. I should have gone with the broad nib. Maybe next time. The steel nib is firm and makes very good strokes. It’s not hard starting and doesn’t skip. While it’s certainly very convenient to use for short writing, it’s not something I would use for long letters or journal entries. I have a feeling it’s not really meant for that. It looks to be meant for quick and easy writing, which it does perfectly. Also, for a German pen, it has a pretty nib. Everything about this pen lends to its retro vibe, I’m lovin’ it a lot. Here’s a photo of a writing sample for this pen below. Of course I inked it up with something blue. I think J. Herbin’s Bleu Nuit fits it well.


Here’s a video of a writing sample using a different ink. This time with Diamine Oxblood. A very beautiful, deep and rich hue of red.

I bought a Kaweco Sport clear demonstrator to match this one, but I kind of regretted it when I went home afterwards. It just didn’t feel as solid as the AL Sport and it was a little bit of a dry writer. Some people like dry-writing pens, but I personally prefer them to be really wet.

P1030963 P1030966P1030965 P1030968

I might end up giving away the demonstrator as a gift to a friend and just replace it with the stonewashed black AL Sport, or maybe a classic.

Anyway, overall the Kaweco AL Sport is a great daily-carry pen. It’s made to be durable and dependable. It writes well, glides on FP-friendly paper,  and it feels great in the hands. It’s reasonably-priced, as far as fountain pens go. Definitely a keeper.

Update: I realigned the nib of the Kaweco Sport clear demonstrator and it writes so much better afterwards. Turns out it’s a wet writer, like the AL Sport.


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