Review: Sheaffer 300, Medium


My husband bought me this pen earlier this year. It’s my first Sheaffer and (spoiler alert) I can say that the user experience has been mostly good.

I love that Sheaffer is one of those fountain pen brands that are readily available in the Philippines, and have been available for quite some time now. The Sheaffer 300 is one of those entry level fountain pens that you can be really happy with because of the way it looks and writes, and because it doesn’t break the bank.

The body is solid metal. I got a black one that has a glossy finish and chrome trimmings. It is a good-looking pen. Because of the material used to make it, the pen has some heft to it. I love pens that are heavy and feels solid in my hand, but I find the Sheaffer 300 a bit top-heavy. This is why I always use this unposted.


The clip on the cap is spring-loaded and can be lifted a little bit, which ensures that it can bite snugly into pen holders, pouches, pocket lining and other similar surfaces without bending or damaging the clip. It also has that iconic white Sheaffer dot on it, which is pretty cool. 


The SHEAFFER engraved on the band around the edge of the cap looks alright. Thank goodness it used a nondescript font. I must admit that the horrible font used in Monteverde fountain pens is a big reason why I don’t have any desire to buy one any time soon. To be honest, the font burns my eyes just a little less than comic sans does.


I like the nib on this pen. It’s steel, hard as nails and I love the swirls and the “Sheaffer’s” name on it. It’s a pretty solid nib on a solid pen.


The nib that I got is Medium, and I’m happy that it’s a very wet writer. As you can see, it shows the shading off beautifully on a Rhodia pad. The only complaint about this pen is that sometimes it tends to dry out in the middle of writing. It also hard starts sometimes. These are just occasional issues but it makes the pen less reliable than my favorite/daily writers.

Overall, it’s a great pen especially for the price. People with smaller hands might want to use this unposted as the sheer weight of the cap can make writing a little tiring after a while.


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