Ink Swab: Noodler’s Blue Black Ink

Noodlers Blue Black001

 I love this ink so much. It’s my favorite blue-black ink. Other blue-black inks are just dark blue, but this one is my favorite because when you see it on paper, it really is hard to tell at first glance if it is blue or black. I received this as an ink sample from a pen club that I joined, and I like it so much, I’m determined to find this ink even if I need to buy it online. Scribe’s stores are running low on Noodler’s inks, unfortunately. 


2 thoughts on “Ink Swab: Noodler’s Blue Black Ink

  1. Jason Urton says:

    I’m also a big fan of blue blacks and anything (color) black. I like that you can use them in a professional setting, but they are just different enough to know that it had to come from a fountain pen. Noodler’s Zhivago is one of my faves in this category. It’s a green black/olive black that looks pretty much black with most fine nibs, but with medium+ nibs it starts to shade and show it’s “hidden” colors. It is very complex for how saturated and dark it is.


    • Pao says:

      I wish there were more Noodler’s colors available here. Noodler’s Blue Black is hands down the best blue black i’ve tried but it is always out of stock at our local pen store. I’ve had Zhivago on my wishlist for a while, too. Pretty, pretty inkses, my preciousssss.


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